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Friday, December 3, 2010

Singapore Adventure: Steak Dinner

It has been a while since I have indulged in a nice steak dinner.   Well, we're not getting any younger, and so we need to start watching our diet, right?  But every once in a while, that dreaded craving just haunts you until you are too weak to resist.  Then the opportunity comes knocking, and all guard just come crashing down.

So, yesterday, after finding that our New York New York vouchers are about to expire by mid-December, I got Hubby Cookie to agree to have dinner there. A steak dinner at that!  And it was all worth it! Hehehe...

It was the most delicious ribeye steak to ever hit my tastebuds!  Or that could just be the meat deprivation screaming.  But really, it was delightful. :)

This hunk of delicious meat rings at 24.60 SGD at New York New York.  And it sure is worth every cent. Well, just don't mind the unenthusiastic servers, you should live another day.

The voucher we were holding is for a 1-for-1 Main Course.  So multiply this happy meal by two, and you have two happy Cookies with fat bellies.  Hehehe...

It was a nice dinner.  Too nice that even with the sucky movie that Skyline is, the Cookies did not suffer from indigestion. :P

2 Cookie Thoughts:

konayukiss said...

ooo that looks nice!! :)
I miss singaporean food!

Princess Cookie said...

Hi. Yes, that hunk of steak was really nice. I crave for it every now and then. But it comes with a hefty price so can't really go everyday. Hahaha.. :)