Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kitchen Adventure: License To Grill

On Monday, after a short excursion to Lucky Plaza, Lord and I passed by the Tang's department store on the way back to the Orchard MRT station.  And so since we're already there, we went to the kitchenware section which I have been meaning to do after having a "cooking show" overload.

I want my very own grill pan! :)

There was one on display, which I thought I want.  It's a cast iron grill pan with a German brand I can't recall.  There's a model with a removable handle so you can pop it into the oven.  The sales person is willing to give me a deal for it, 200 SGD for the display unit, since it's the last piece.  It was enticing, but 200 SGD for a grill pan??!  Quite a lot for an amateur cook like myself.  I think I'll pass and go for a less expensive one which won't break my heart (and pocket) if I accidentally destroy it. :))

A few more minutes of walking around and my feet led me to this item -

It's a 26x26 cm Tefal Grill Pan and it's only under 50 SGD.  And there's no question about it, I taking this baby home! :)
I have grown fond of Tefal cookware after I fell in love with my electric grill, also a Tefal.  Our bread toaster and steamer also bear the Tefal brand.

The rice cooker and immersion blender though are Philips but that's just a force of habit, since my very first rice cooker was also a Philips.  And the Philips immersion blender is the first one I saw at the shop when I went looking for one after seeing it on Chef Michael Smith's show Chef at Home on AFC.

And I threw this into the shopping cart as well, just because it's soooo cute, and it's on a discount. :P

A 12 cm frying pan, also a Tefal.

I should be great for frying eggs, or pancakes, or just for cooking small portions.

According to the salesperson, it used to sell for 16 SGD, but now it's just selling for under 10 SGD.

I did purchase something similar from Daiso at 2 SGD, but it's just so cheap.  In saying cheap, I mean having crappy quality.  But what should I expect for 2 SGD, right?   I still have it sitting in the cupboards but I shall drop it in the chute sooner or later.

Tonight, I will give my new grill pan a trial run.  Tonight's special is Grilled Milkfish with Tomato and Onion Stuffing.  Hope it works out.  I can actually do it on my electric grill, but I am too lazy to take it out.  My kitchen space was significantly reduced after moving to our new flat and I can't really bring out all of my kitchen knick knacks.  I can only fit the essentials on the makeshift counter top at the moment - and that's the rice cooker, the bread toaster, and an electric kettle.  My steamer, juicer, and electric grill will need to stay in the boxes until I require them. Sigh.  How frustrating.  But that's how it goes at the moment.  And so far, it works for me. 

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