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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Boo, Spizza!

Lord and I are big pizza eaters and we'd pay good money for good pizza.  This past year, Lord came to know about a good pizza place from work.  And since then, for any pizza cravings, we'd call them for delivery.  That's Spizza.

We really liked their pizza flavour Olivia.  That's just a simple Pepperoni pizza, but it's quite tasty with lots of heat from fresh red chili.  I am also very fond their version of the Smoked Salmon salad which they call Adriano on their menu.

Yesterday, Lord and I went out on a movie date to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment - Pirates of the Caribbean: In Stranger Tides.  We had a big lunch and the usual popcorn snack during the movie so we were quite stuffed til about dinner time.  We decided to just have a snack instead of a full dinner, so we called in a pizza order with the usual Adriano salad.

I was happily excited to devour my salad but right at the onset, I already noticed there were a couple of elements amiss in my salad.  Can't find the capers, and the salmon fillets were kind of in a disarray, and not in the usual need spread on top of the salad.   But those we're no biggies, I munched away.  But just as I was about to take the last spoonful of greens and a smoked salmon fillet, there it was sitting on the veg...

A BUG!!! A good-sized green beetle of some sort.  I don't really know what kind of bug it was but still it's a bug that's not supposed to be sitting in my food!!!

I felt sick seeing the thing there.  It wasn't alive at the time I found it, and I wouldn't like to imagine it taking a stroll in my salad a few minutes while I am into eating it.  And I wonder if it brought a few friend along who might already be swimming in the gastric fluids in my belly.  Yuck!

Mind you, I have a tough belly, and I won't mind partaking of a few small ants or insects with my food in cases that they are just too minute to be cleared out, but this one is just too big a bug to be unnoticed during food preparation.  It's just such a clumsy work for whoever prepared the food, and a smear on the food place's reputation as it brings doubts to customers whereelse they could have screwed up during food preparation.  And that' just unacceptable.

We didn't really bother calling in a complaint last night as we were already tired to deal with it.  But I did post up the photo on my Facebook profile page, and on the Spizza fan page.  I hope it gets some attention.  It's sad to see a good pizza place go down by their own carelessness.

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