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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Philippine Adventure: I hate you, Pedring!

Yesterday, Pedring the typhoon battered the Philippines with lots of wind and rain.  It was a horror to watch the news seeing families being evacuated from their homes due to heavy flooding in certain areas of the metro.

But what really broke my heart is reading from a Philippine news website about the sad fate that hit 5-star hotel Sofitel in Manila along the Manila Bay.

Just a year ago, my Cookie and I spent our wedding weekend here.

And yesterday, all the grandeur of this place got washed away with the flood.  :'(

It's truly heart breaking.  But hopefully, they'd be back up on their feet again and soon...

2 Cookie Thoughts:

Ri said...

Hi JJ! Definitely, Sofitel will be back on its feet again soon. They should be, my sister is having her wedding reception there in December. :) I'll send you pics.

Wifey Cookie said...

Congratulations to your sister! :)

We always make it a point to visit Spiral kasi whenever we're home kaya love talaga namin that hotel. :) So I felt really sad when I read about the flooding in the hotel. But yeah, I am sure they'll recover quickly.