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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Friday Movie Date - Contagion.

Yesterday, Hubby Cookie and I went to see the new movie Contagion at the Jurong Point Shopping Centre a bus ride away from our Lakeside home.

The movie was star-studded, which is the main reason why we went to see it.  You don't often see so many big star names in one movie, so it must be good. 

Well, it was not a total disappointment.  But somehow it had a feel of a documentary.  Think in the lines of H1N1 and SARS. There is a story, and whoever wrote it did a fine job.  It was not dragging or boring, it was actually gripping and very much incited interest among the audience.  There was some humor injected in the dialogues every now and then.  I think that also helped keep the audience interested.

Overall, it is a so-so movie.  Something you can just wait to watch on DVD.

Ah, before going the theatre, we manged a quick trip to the stationery shop and I found this cute little thing. You should see it in my next LO project. :)

2 Cookie Thoughts:

Ri said...

I'm not so keen on seeing Contagion, ewan ko lang, hindi interesting. Have you seen Crazy, Stupid, Love.? :)

Cute colors for the accessories!

Wifey Cookie said...

Hi Ri! Yup, we saw Crazy, Stupid, Love last Tuesday. It was hilarious, but there were some sad parts, too. Naka-2 movies kami this week. Wedding anniv month-long celeb. Hehehe.. :)