A Summer Wish Digi Stamps

Not getting enough of your cutesy little girl digis? These should definitely be in your stash.  


Meet pretty little Julianne the Flower Girl.  You can get her with braided hair or with the bouncy bob.   But she's definitely carrying that little basket of hers filled with pretty blossoms.

If she's something you're looking for to complete that scrapbook layout, or for a card for a sweet girl, send us an email.


If you want to go all lovey-dovey and mushy, our sweet couple digi Rye and Kay will definitely get you there.


Young love sweet love!  Here's Rye & Kay on a Bench. They sit on the love bench and dream sweet dreams together.  They stare into the horizon and watch the sunset.  Or look out on the open sky watching out for falling stars to wish on. 
Sample Project:  Rye & Kay on a Bench Wishing Card

If you're looking to achieve that extra spark on your card and scrapbook layout and you envision Rye and Kay being a part of it, then send us an email.

Playful, cheery, with tons of sweet giggles in tow.  These are the qualities of our dear Nadine.


Meet Santa Nadine. She's a cheery little girl in a cute Santa outfit to bring you charm and lots of giggles this festive season. And wearing that mysterious big Santa hat, what could she be hiding under there?? More presents, more happy cheer, or maybe just more long and bouncy locks of her hair! :)

Sample Project:  Santa Nadine - To You From Me Card

If she's who you're looking for to finish off that festive holiday layout or card, she's just a few keyboard taps away. Send us an email or visit our Facebook page.  We'd love to hear from you.