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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Bonifacio High Street Adventure

March 31, 2007
Bonifacio High Street, The Fort

It was a fine day. A nice day to just drive around and go cruisin'. So, that's what The Cookies did. My Cookie drove us to The Fort. Yes, finally, he is driving! Hehehe... It is a 45 minute drive from his place to The Fort. And believe me, those 45 minutes was already an adventure on its own. >:) *Peace!*

Our first stop at The Fort was Net Square 2, where my Cookie goes to office. We were supposed to get something from his office but then he left his drawer keys it the car. It was almost 2 pm, so we just skipped that and went to the Bonifacio High Street to grab some lunch.

My Cookie took me to this place - Texas Roadhouse Grill. He said it just opened store that week and the food was nice. So, there we were waiting for our food to be served - buffalo wings and seafood marinara pasta. To forget our rumbling tummies, it was photo shoot time. ;)

How was the Texas Roadhouse Grill experience...?

Well, the food was great and less expensive compared to the Makati restos the Cookies usually visit to dine.

The place was great. The cowboy and cowgirl get up of the servers plus the saloon ambience of the place is indeed engaging. And if you noticed, the backdrop of The Cookies photos is actually a wheel of some sorts. The one you see in carriages, I think.

And the service is great, too. The Manager frequents our booth and asks if everything is alright. Probably because the place is new so they had to really please their customers to make sure they come back. :P

Hopefully, they'll put up a branch in Makati, in Greenbelt or Glorietta, and keep up the good work. ;) But looking at their current spot at the Bonifacio High Street, I can say their customer base will pick up soon when all the stalls in that "mall" opens and the place becomes fully operational.

After a filling lunch, we went on malling. We went into several of the shops there. There were hobby shops, clothes places, a photo place for kids. Krispy Kreme is there, too. On our way home, we bought some doughnuts for pasalubong. They have this new product, egg-shaped doughnuts. Very apt for the Easter season.

We walked the lenght of the Bonifacio High Street. Then through Serendra, until we reached Market! Market! a the other end. And having enjoyed the serene walk at the Bonifacio High Street where there were only like a handful of people walking, the queue at the mall entrance was a "culture shock". Hehe...

We strolled the mall for only a short time because the tons of people moving about is just suffocating. A quick stop over at this cotton candy place and we headed back for the car.

It was a nice drive home. It was a great day. I am surely looking forward to the next Cookie adventure at the Bonifacio High Street which is on Easter Sunday. According to my Cookie, Krispy Kreme will be holding an Easter Egg Hunt! Fun!!! :D

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