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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hazel's Despedida Party
April 24, 2007
Max's Jupiter
As all journeys begin and are bound to end, farewells are always due. One to give our friend a wonderful memory to hold on to as she moves on to her next adventure, and two, to celebrate the great experiences we shared while still together.
And the one we collaborated to throw for Hazel was a blast!!!
She had a lot of guests to wish her well. And the week long work done for her Farewell Scrapbook was all paid off seeing the sparkle on her eyes upon receiving it. *Ehem ehem*
Thanks to everybody who wrote touching messages, and shared a part of them in that little scrapbook project for Hazel. ;) You should have seen her teary eyes and know that she appreciates the good thoughts we all put in there for her.
During dinner time, the flow of food, stories, and fun chatter was unstoppable. But of course, pausing for a quick camera click was always welcome. Here is a photo of The Cookies taken with Hazel's camera.
This is my most favorite Cookie picture as of the moment. Do you see fat Cookies here...? Hehe.. Thanks, Hazel! Keep that camera shooting. ;)
But Hazel wasn't the only one treated for a surprise. Yen and Stan planned out a little surprise for me, Jet and Fred, too. A huge card of well-wishes from our team at AIU-RP. We were really touched as we really didn't expect it. Thanks for the great effort, Yen and Stan. We all know how busy everyone is, but you still went out of your way to set it up for us. Doumo!!! ^_^

What better way to finish off a fun evening but with a group picture... with Piolo Pascual...?! :D
Thanks for putting a nice cherry topping on my big pot of AIU-RP golden memories. ;)
I will surely, surely, SURELY miss everybody here. Sniff. Sniff.

1 Cookie Thoughts:

yen said...

so when na ang last gimik natin?! o super busy na ba kayo? hehehe.

it's nice to know na you guys liked our little gift. sensya na yan lang ang aming nakayanan. mejo kulang sa oras at sa creativity eh. :D

goodluck! hintay nyo ang pagbisita namin ni hazel! hehehe.