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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Officially Missing My Cookie

After this weekend, there'd only be one weekend left before I fly out. And I am officially starting to miss my Cookie. :'(
I just couldn't imagine not seeing him at the end of the day. In the 15 months we have been together, he was always there to fetch me after work. On weekends, we often go out even just to have dinner, or go malling to window shop, or see a movie. And all these, I won't have in Singapore if he doesn't come after me soon... :'(
Sigh. The sacrifices we have to make often takes too much a toll on us. Double sigh.
The worst thing about leaving is that I will leave someone behind who means the world to me. The best thing about it is I know this experience will make better persons out of us and will pave the way to our perfect future together.

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