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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Something Pretty

The best thing about vacations is staying up late and sleeping in until late in the morning. Agree...? Hehe...
So while spending some alone time with my laptop, I thought of putting together something pretty for The Cookies. Well, it is just something I cooked with a little creativity and a lot of help from this really nice digital scrapbooking software.

Sample # 1: Something Formal

I used earth colors for this one. A nice contrast with the deep red letters for our names. And a formal and heartwarming title in sync with the theme. Nice...? Yeah. I like. Hehe...
This will be be a good design to put on the invitation's cover page. And probably a design best suited for a Barong Tagalog motif. What do you think...?

It is a little conservative but definitely not outmoded... Yeah?

Hmmm... Pretty... ;)

Sample # 2: Something Fancy

This time, I went color crazy. Pastel!!! Hehe... My love for the color pink is just too obvious, right? :P
This one is more fun, more fresh, more youthful. A tinge of playfulness. So, a well fitting title is also given to suit the theme.
Hmm... may not be a hit if put on the invitation cover, but may get a second look beside the menu at the reception tables... Hehe...
This one is a bit too fancy... But still, pretty... ;)

4 Cookie Thoughts:

yen said...

i vote for the forever theme.

The Cookies said...

hehe.. favorite din iyan ni Cookie ko. ;)

jinggay said...

my dear..ikakasal ka na?
update naman dyan

The Cookies said...

not yet... tagal pa. nangangarap lang.. ;) ikaw nga ang hindi naga-update eh.. :P ikinasal ka na ba?