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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Big Spender

May 26, 2007, Saturday
Suntec Convention Center
Suntec City Mall
Marina Square
The Great Singapore Sale was launched last Friday, 25 May. And it will run for two months, ending exactly on 22 July. No surprise why there was a long queue of cars along Penang Road exactly in front of the Regency House. Which made me come to this realization why people in Singapore work so hard... Just so they have money to spend for the sale. Hehehe... Or at least, that's MY plan. Haha... First weekend of the sale period, and I was already on a roll. ;)

I purchased these two Lacoste bags at the Citibank Closed Door Sale Event for Citibank card holders. It always pays to have good friends with a soaring credit limit! Hehehe... Thanks, April for that display of your magnanimous nature. ;)
The pink backpack, I have always wanted. Even back home in Manila. The red handbag, I fell in love on sight. The red one I already used yesterday during the group "Pirates of the Carribean" movie date. Went nicely with the red shirt I had on. Hehehe...

Samsonite items were also on sale. I saw this nice backpack made for biking enthusiasts. I got one for my brother. A post birthday gift. I just hope he'll have good use for it.
It has a blinking light close to the bottom which can alert motorists that a biker is up ahead. Cool feature huh? ;)
Will just send it home to him when my Cookie comes on June.
At the Suntec Convention Center, a World Book Fair was also ongoing. We looked around and had my eye on this nice home improvement book about color schemes and combinations. I really thought it will come in handy in putting together our new flat. But my friends thought it was a bit too expensive at 40$, so with a broken heart, I had to let it go. I also looked around for a good scrapping book, but unfortunately, I didn't find any. But I did find a nice baking recipe book for my sister. Will send it home also through my Cookie. I hope she finds in useful in her baking classes. ;)

After a quick lunch at Pepper Lunch, April and I were off to check out some bed linen at Aussino. I picked these three. Hopefully, it will blend well with the blue walls of my room... Ugh! I can hardly imagine... :'(

I really, really, really hope it will work...

If you noticed, I stuck with my favorite color. At least, if I just couldn't stand the blue anymore, I have something nice in my room to stare at! Hahaha....

I can't wait for the next shopping trip. I still have a lot to spend for - pillows, some furniture for my room, some kitcen stuff. Hopefully there would be better deals in Ikea. Excited to see that famous place. Hehehe...

2 Cookie Thoughts:

takejiro said...

love the pink backpack! sarap naman ng shopping spree nyo!

The Cookies said...

i know.. hehehe... dalaw ka dito, great singapore sale!!! :)