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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Coping

The first thing that I had to cope with here in Singapore is how to fill my tummy. So far, I have tried dining out and have been to the grocery several times.
For the dining out part, I have been to Burger King at the Plaza Singapura twice for lunch and had a big fat serving of a Whopper Jr. Meal, costs around 6 SGD. I have been also taken to eat at the Kopitiam. It's a food court popular in most malls here. I have eaten at the branches in Vivo City and Plaza Singapura. My college friends had also taken me to eat at the Glutton's Bay in Esplanade. Food was tasty, loved the Cereal Prawn! ;)
Of course, I can't afford to always eat out. My cooking skills have already been tested this early. So far, my cooking attempts have all been successful. Ask Rikrok, my constant dinner guest. Hehe... The fried chicken marinated in garlic and patis was a hit! The garlic rice and the tuna with onions was a bigger hit! Hehe... The menu for the coming days are still in the inception stage, but I sure hope I can figure something out that won't be so stressful to prepare. Yeah, I get stressed just thinking of what to have for dinner. Breakfast is served in my apartment free of charge, and lunch, I can just grab outside. But the dinner meal, I have to worry about. Big time!
So, that's how I am coping. I have survived the first week, almost. And I am just hyped that my Cookie will be here in two days time. Yey! I am thinking of a nice spaghetti welcome party for him. What do you think? ;)

3 Cookie Thoughts:

RikRok said...

Spaghetti??? Bilisan mo na lord!!! Gutom na ako hehehehe

RikRok said...

Tignan mo yung picture sa baso parang Pupung character hahaha

Anonymous said...

SARAP!!! Spaggggghettti...