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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Singapore Adventure: First Singapore Holiday

May 31, 2007 (Vesak Day)
Rivervale Walk
Suntec Convention Center

Inspite of the holiday today, I, Eric and Doyle still didn't get a day off as our schedule for today was blocked with a lot of "fun" activities.

As planned, we set off to fix up our flat where we'll be transferring soon. (I am going to miss my Regency House tub. Sniff) We aired out the entire house, mopped the floors, wiped the furniture rid of dust and what have you. Several hours later, we finally finished and decided to unwind a little by popping in a video from the entertainment center into the machine. But we got tired of soon and so we agreed to head off to the next set of fun activities.

We went to the PC Show 2007 at the Suntec Convention Center. A techies' heaven and the place was (not) surprisingly packed, literally brimming with people! It was like we teleported back to Manila in Tutuban during the holidays. Still, we risked it. Nobody's going home empty handed! Hehehe.. Well, at least that's what we came there to do, shop! But too bad, Eric did not get his PS3 then. But Doyle, well, I am sure his night's will never be the same again. Hehehe... See those pictures on the top of this entry? They were taken with Doyle's brand new iMac's webcam. Way cool huh? Hehehe...
It still isn't too late for Eric and I. The PC Show is running from 31 May to 3 June, so we'll still get our chance to shop for gadgets like crazy. Hehehe.... After all, weekend's coming!

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