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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Legal

The idea that I am officially an Overseas Filipino Worker has finally kicked in. I have been here less than a week but I have already come to this realization. In the coming payday, when I remit money back home, I join the million other Pinoys who work their ass off abroad.
On my second day at work, I have already been issued the office ID and access cards. In effect, I can freely go about the premises of office and not feel so... hmmm... foreign? Hehe...

Well, my ID card has sustained some scratches already as it is really imperative to swipe the card at every entrance. The wash rooms are located at the service corridor already outside of the office realm and therefore requires us to swipe the access card prior to getting back in to the office area.

Also just this afternoon, I already received my Employment Pass which the PriceWaterhouseCoopers person pertain to as the "green card". Sigh. Feeling bagong bayani na ako, ika nga ni Eric. Hahaha...
What does this entail? Well, I can avail of a phone line, a flat, and a lot of other utilities here in Singapore. Cool, huh?!

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