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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Singapore Adventure: All Set for Action

June 25, 2007
Takashimaya Shopping Center
Orchard Road

After almost a month of holding on to that 30 SGD gift voucher from Takashimaya, I finally found the perfect item to spend it on - running shoes! Hehehe...

I brought my running shoes from home but it is screaming for retirement already. And so now, having found it a suitable replacement, I can finally let it go. :) Those old rubber shoes have served me well indeed. With it, I and Astrid snatched the First Runner-Up title on the first ever AIU-RP Badminton Tourney. Which reminds me, no one will defend this First Runner-Up title anymore as we have both "moved on" already. Hehehe...

Okay. Enough of the old. Let's talk about the new stuff. :D

This new pair of Adidas running shoes I bought would be the most expensive pair of shoes I would have worn. It is sold at Takashimaya at a regular price of 169 SGD. Because of the sale, the price has been reduced to 118.30 SGD. When I purchased it, I used the 30 SGD gift voucher, and so I cashed out only 88.30 SGD. That is not bad for a pair of branded shoes. However, if you convert it to Philippine Pesos, it is still a bit expensive. I am sure had I been there, I would have never considered it. Hehe..

And now that I already have my rubber shoes, I am all set for action. Game face on! >:)

Ooops! I still have to get a racket pa nga pala. Hmmm... Do you think they sold sports equipment at Robinsons? :D I still have 60 SGD worth of gift voucher for there. Bwahahaha...

5 Cookie Thoughts:

takejiro said...

oo nga no wala na magdedefend ng title natin, unless yen will cover for us hehe

Princess Cookie said...

hehe... but yen will "move on" soon na rin eh. hehehe.. :D

yen said...

hehehe. as in naman nasa level nyo ako pag dating sa badminton! hehehe.

jen, si hazel me dala 2 tennis racket. try mo muna tennis. hehehe.

Princess Cookie said...

hi, yen! oo nga eh. meron sila dala ni fred, pati si jet. and doon sa condo nila, merong tennis court. actually, when i was looking for rubber shoes, i thought of getting something for playing tennis. kaso, first love ko pa rin badminton eh. kaya running shoes na lang - all purpose. hehehe.. :)) when kayo visit dito? ;)

yen said...

mejo magulo pa kasi ang career life ko eh kaya di ko pa masabi kung when ako punta dyan to visit. by sept siguro oki na (dapat lang kasi effectivity ng resignation ko is aug19! hehehe) so masisimulan ko na pagpla-plano pag punta dyan.

hopefully by then andyan na rin si lord para mdami-dami tayong mamasyal. wag nyo muna uubusin lahat ng magaganda place na pasyalan dyan ha! hehehe. para naman pag kasama ko na kayo eh hindi tipong ako lang ang nage-enjoy! hahaha.

hope to see you guys soon!