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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Dining @ Jumbo Seafood

June 24, 2007
Jumbo Seafood
East Coast Seafood Center

I met up with my college buds for my "first blood." We had a hearty seafood dinner at the East Coast Seafood Center, at the famous Jumbo Seafood. Imagine the word "seafood" mentioned three times in the last sentence. That really meant something. Seafood overload indeed!
Pipay did the honor of ordering for us as it is my first time to dine here. We had chili king crabs (THE BEST!!!) with fried bun (nice sweet contrast to the chili sauce), prawn cereals (which I have already tried twice at the Glutton's Bay, April's favorite by the way), scallops with yam (I am not quite sure if that is what it's called), stir-fried brocolli (Lanie's "favorite"), salted fish and chickem fried rice (better than yang chow fried rice), fried red fish (minus the sauce which looked a bit icky), and a cold platter of fresh fruits. It was truly one filling dinner. And our total bill....? *kaching*kaching* 168 SGD. That's 160 SGD for the food and beverage, plus the 5% GST.

The evening was going along perfectly, chit chat, good food, great view of the beach front, until a little critter from out of the blue popped in to torment the guests. Hehehe... A little slimy reptile, about a quarter of a foot slid under the tables into the restaurant. I couldn't help but scream. When April asked me what was happening, I just told her to raise her feet as I don't want to freak her out with the idea that a slimy creature was under her table. Pipay is also faint of heart when in comes to lizards, and so the screaming and panicking was inevitable at our table. Hehehe...
Good thing, the staff at the food establishment were quick and prompt to get rid of the small creature. They caught the thing and threw it back to the sea. Hehehe... What an adventure, huh? :)

But overall, it was a great eating experience. A bit expensive, but you know money's no object when it comes to food and dining for the Cookies. :))
That's a first. And when my Cookie comes soon to visit me again, I am going to take him there, too. Though I know how much angst he has over seafood. >:)

3 Cookie Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

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jinggay said...

bakit di kami invited ni egay sa dinner? ganun? hahaha

Princess Cookie said...

hehehe... sige, punta kayo dito, treat ko kayo, ;)