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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Three Flightless Chickens

June 3, 2007

Vivo City

Orchard Hawker

Today, we started moving our stuff from the serviced apartment to our new flat at Rivervale Walk, Sengkang East Avenue.
It was a long but comfortable taxi ride. It better be for the flat ride of 35 SGD that we paid for the Maxi Cab. So, most of our things are there already. I only have a few items of clothes and food here at the hotel just enough for the last two days that I will still be here. On 5 June, I am already checking out. I am really going to miss my bathtub. Sniff.

Okay, so after we have moved our stuff from our hotels to our Sengkang flat, we decided to go on an adventure. Malling! Hehehe... First stop was the Sengkang Square. We tried to get acquainted with the mall nearest to our place, just so we have an idea where we can get some stuff that we may need.

After Sengkang Square, we took the MRT to Harbourfront, which is at the other end of the MRT Purple Line. My two housemates were still on the lookout for beddings and fortunately Tang's had some bed linen on sale. I got one for me, too. So excited to make my room at the new flat pretty. ;)

After an entire day of walking around, we all deserved a nice and filling dinner. It was my first time at the Orchard Hawker place. I have been t the Glutton's Bay at the Esplanade and the Lau Pa Sat place at Raffles. The Orchard Hawkere was not so different from the other two.
I quickly looked for the booth that sold the BBQ Chicken Wings. I fell in love with it when I tried it the first time at the Gluttons Bay with Lanie and April on my second weekend here in Singapore. It was really tasty. Just the thought of it makes me drool. Yum!
I downed 6 pieces of the delicious BBQ Chicken Wings. Each piece costs 1.20 SGD.
And so this picture depicts the sad fate of the three chickens I made flightless. Sorry. :'(

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