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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Dreaming of Coconuts

Last night, I had the weirdest dream. And the funny thing about it is I cannot recall what the dream was about other than I remember there were coconuts in it.
And so the inquisitive me just as my flabby bottom hit my seat at work, I launched Google and keyed in "dream interpretation coconut".
The search string returned about 621,000 hits. The second listing on the results page seemed most sensible, so I clicked on the link - http://www.sleeps.com/dictionary/ccc.html.
It says...
There is basically only one omen for a coconut, no matter what your dream is concerning one, eating it, smelling it, etc., it is a sign of an unexpected gift, most times the gift is money.
Hmmm... Interesting. Especially the last four words. Don't you think? Hehehe...
Hopefully this means I am finally getting my last pay from my ex-job. Well, yes, unfortunately I am yet to claim that and it has already been three months.
So I hope the coconuts bring me luck that I may finally get it. Jenny is in dire need of cash for my "coming-home" thing happening in exactly a week from tomorrow. Yey!!!

2 Cookie Thoughts:

stan_ang said...

JJ, hndi mo na kailangan un last pay mo... hehehe... sana managinip din ako ng coconuts...

Princess Cookie said...

haha... kelangan! :P