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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Eureka!!!

As necessity is the father of invention, I say "a hungry tummy is the father of a new recipe".
Yeah, I couldn't help but scream "Eureka!!!" after realizing I actually cooked up something new and different, and surprisingly edible. Hehehe...
I woke up, went straight to the bathroom for a nice hot shower. Then it dawned on me, I skipped dinner last night. No wonder my intestines are growling like vexed bears.
So, after doing my thing in the bathroom, I rummaged through the kitchen to explore all the possibilities for a quick, easy, and hopefully edible breakfast... err... brunch.
There was bahaw (left-over rice). There was still some mixed veggies. And I still have a hefty stash of *ehem* smuggled dinaing na besugo from Pinas. My, my... how can i make this work?
I chopped some garlic, browned it in oil, put the bahaw in, tossed some of the mixed veggies, and put in some of the dinaing na besugo that I flaked.
Eureka!!! Salted fish rice.

That and a hot cup of Necafe 3-in-1 coffee, and I am alive. ;)

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