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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Gloomy Weather

The weather here in Singapore has been glum since last weekend. It has been raining on and off. And the sky is cloudy.

Well, I'd rather it be a little chilly than scorching hot. But it could have been nicer without the wet. Hehehe...

Is it asking for too much already? I should have picked a different country, right? Hahaha...

I shot these yesterday from my camera phone on the way home. It is the first time I've seen Singapore so gloomy.

But the good thing being here is, kahit umulan, walang baha!

3 Cookie Thoughts:

takejiro said...

new layout! cool :D
tama ka jan sa baha hahaha

jio said...

Oo nga, iba na layout mo. :-D

For me it's weird, kasi last year, umpisa pa lang ng April eh panay ulan ng ulan dito sa Singapore. Pero this year, a few days (couple or three days at most) may ulan. Weird and unpredictable ang weather dito hindi tulad sa Pinas. And I confess, meron din akong mga gray rain clouds din na pinagkukuhanan ko sa camera phone din. Hehe.

By the way, Jen, my new link sa blog eh http://www.jiometry.com/. Nagtransfer ng ibang host. Hehe.

Princess Cookie said...

@takejiro: para maiba naman. hehe.. oo noh, walang baha, pero merong dengue... :'(

@jio: hey! i noticed, you switched to typepad na ba? you still owe me a nice "Cookie" banner. hehehe..