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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Pretty Scrapbook Stuff

July 4, 2007
Spotlight, Plaza Singapura

Last week, the Spotlight store at Plaza Singapura launched a one-day-only-20%-off-on-all-items-including-items-on-sale sale. And I didn't let it pass, of course!

I grabbed some stuff for my scrapbooking hobby - some craft punchers, chipboards, and a cutting mat. Well, there were a lot of other interesting stuff on the shelves but these seemed to be the essential ones that I don't have yet. That was the main criteria I had for picking the items. Hehehe..

I had only one craft puncher, a Christmas tree. It is a Carl, and costed me 180 PHP at SM. So, I decided to get some new punchers.

There were a lot of designs to choose from but I settled for these 3 in the meantime - Action Splash, Swirl, and Star. I got them for 3.96 SGD a piece. That's 4.95 SGD less 20%. I haven't tried the items yet, but I sure hope they are worth the (hard-earned) money I spent for them. The next time they go on sale, I will grab some more of these if they are worth it. Hehehe...

I also got some chipboards. I will be my first time to use these as I usually just print out my own letters and layer them on thick cardboards to achieve the same effect. But of course, nothing beats the real thing. Hehe.. So, I grabbed two sets - alphabets in the same font but different designs. One in red (Open Sky) and the other in green (Nature's Beauty). They are Fiskars, originally costs 21.95 SGD each, but I paid only 17.56 SGD for each.

I also wanted to get the ones in small letters but the colors were too dull. Not apt to my very "pastel" taste. Hehehe... :D

The last item is a cutter and a cutting mat. I have noticed that as the years went on, I am less likely to cut straight across a piece of paper without a rule with a pair scissors. Must be the age thing, or the eyesight thing which comes with age...? Hahaha... And so again, need to put the new tool to the test first before finding out if it works for me. Cutting tool and mat rang up a 9.95 SGD less 20% on the cash register.

My total spendings, 57.75 SGD.

I also threw in some buttons. That darned hotel washing machine destroy the buttons on some of my good office pants. So I need to replace them.

There, more shopping adventures in the coming week. I am feeling for some new gadgets. Hmmm... how does a new PSP sound? ;)

2 Cookie Thoughts:

yen said...

grabe! you spent that much money on scrapbook tools?! hehehe. sabagay, kanya kanya lang bisyo yan ... pwede bang ikaw gumawa ng scrapbook ko for my resignation tapos kunin ko na lang sayo pag punta ko dyan?! hehehe.

Princess Cookie said...

hehehe... sure.. ;) anu ba gusto mong theme? :)