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Monday, October 1, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Hectic End of Month Weekend

After purchasing a DS Lite, I thought I would start locking myself in the room and just play 'til I drop. But no... The weekend that just passed sure was a hectic, and fun one.
Friday, our DBA Eric P. from the ex-job came by Singapore to pay us a visit. We just had a "take-away" dinner at the Rivervale Crest condo, and a lot or catching up. It was nice to have someone from home. Everytime. :)

Saturday was Capt. Jet's birthday dinner at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in East Coast Seafood Center. A hefty serving of local seafood delicacies - Chili Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Cereal Prawn, Crispy Baby Squid. It was a wonderful night spent at the scenic seaside, with delicious food, and great company. The group also went for a little stroll. Passing by the Ski360 place - Singapore's first Cable Ski Resort, and chanced upon some street performers at the hawker center at the far end of East Coast Park.

Sorry for the low-res pictures. Only taken with my phone camera. Lighting was bad.
I woke up the next day almost thinking I slept on my own bed. But really, I was still at the condo, on Hazel's bed. Hehe.. We got home a bit late already, so I opted to stay for the night. Sunday was spent preparing Tinola and Pork Adobo for lunch, and playing multiplayer games with Fred on the DS Lite. Shucks, I sucked at those games. But I did win one game against Fred in Mario Kart and Elite Beat Agents. Need to practice more. :D