Monday, October 22, 2007

Singapore Adventures: Steaming Bowl of Chicken Sopas

I can't think of any other way to end the (borderline disaster) Monday I just had.

I woke up this morning wishing that it is still the weekend. And to my dismay, I'd wait another week for it. And as if Monday is not bad enough, it is a rainy Monday morning at that. Cold bath water. Sheesh... What a way to begin the day, right?

And as if the opening scenes of my Monday morning could get worse, it actually did.

The minute I closed the door of my room, I remembered that I needed the umbrella. So, I opened the door again, went in to get it. Then locked my room's door behind me.

As I was already on my way out the door, I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom. When I pulled my zipper up, it bailed on me. Oh shoot! So, I had to go back into the room and change.

Finally, out the door. Good thing, I did not forget to take out my trash. Saved me some minutes there.

The train ride to work wasn't bad. Could have cheered me up a little had I found a seat. But I can't complain. I found a good spot.

At getting to the office, there were tons of work to do. And it further sucked when what should have been completed and done already had to be revisited and reworked. Arrgh! And so, I worked all full 10 hours. Had my lunch at almost 1:30pm and left the office past 8 pm already. So not me!!!

Good thing, Capt. Jet waited up on me. Or I would have not contained my tears. I am just so tired.

The steaming bowl of my chicken sopas did the trick of brushing my Monday blues away. But I am bracing myself for tomorrow. Just the thought of the work that will welcome me when I get to the office makes me wince.
And did I mention that the thought of Cookie Time being only 6 days away keeps me going ... and going... and going...? Sounds like the Energizer rabbit. Hahaha....
I'm just trying to cheer myself up. Please bear with me.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Singapore Adventure: My Pretty Craft Punches

Last night, I finished Baby Meg's Guest Book. And so, that little craft project is done. I am glad. :)
While I am already cleaning up, I noticed, I have already gathered up quite a number of craft paraphernalias. I am looking spefically at my craft punches. And it surprises me, I actually have several already. Most of which I purchased here. I only had one bought from home - the Carl Christmas Tree punch, which costed a fortune.

Well, the other things costed a bit expensive, too, even from here. But I guess the circumstances for me have changed and so I can afford them now with little hesitation. Hehehe...
Hopefully, I can continue building my little box of craft knickknacks while I learn some more new techniques for my hobby.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Guest Book for Baby Meg's Shower

I am invited to attend a colleagues Baby Shower on the weekend. Instantly, at the receipt of the invite, I suddenly had that feeling... This occasion calls for a craft project. :)

I instantly got several ideas of what would be nice to give Cza - the Mommy to be, on this special occasion for her little princess Simone Margareth a.k.a. Meg. But due to the inavailability of photos, I decided it to be just a small "guest book". Well, note cards where Baby Meg's guests can jot down well wishes for her, and her mommy and daddy.

I decided the theme to be pink. Of course, it's for a baby girl. Hehehe... But in fairness, I also asked Mommy Cza if pink is a good idea, and she gave a nod. ;)

I have completed 3 pages already - the cover page and two other pages to write messages in. The cover page is the picture on the left of this paragraph.

So cute! Hehehe...
The other pages will contain the text Simone Margareth at the left bottom corner, some baby quotes in some random place on the page, and embellishments in the shade of pink. As shown in the next two photographs.

Can't wait to finish the project. Well, I NEED to finish it by tomorrow, in time for Saturday. Baby Shower happens at lunch time that day. Wish me luck. And cheer me on. ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Sunday Cooking Spree

I had the house all to myself this Sunday, and so, I thought of having a little cooking spree.

For lunch, since I had a friend over to keep me company while waiting out for the owner of the flat to come by (who eventually didn't show up), I cooked pork adobo and white rice.
It was a success!!! Hurrah!!!
We enjoyed the food. And so, now I have a witness that my pork adobo is really tasty. Hehe...
There were still some leftover pork adobo. And so, I may still have something to pack for lunch tomorrow. Yum =P~
For dinner, I cooked Sauteed Green Beans with Glass Noodles, or in simple Pinoy terms, Guinisang Monggo with Sotanghon. Hehehe...

This time, I may not have any witness to testify that it is delicious. But I know you'll take my word for it. ;)

It took a while to boil the beans, and the glass noodles need LOTS of water. Inspite of these obstacles, the outcome is still satisfactory. Hee... ^_^

Hmmm... Those are two more recipes crossed out of my Learn To Cook list. My Mama will be proud, and I am happy. :D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Sneak Peak

On the first day of the coming month, this will be my new abode, to share with my Prince Cookie, of course. :)

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Dining Area

Just looking at the photos and it feels like home already. ;)
See more photos here.

Singapore Adventure: Serving Tea

The pantry at our office serves free-flowing drinks at no charge through vending machines.
There is a coffee brew machine where the code 711 vends out my favorite Cadbury Choco Creame Hot Chocolate drink. And also different coffee concoctions. Another drink vending machine gives out cold and hot drinks. My favorite on this machine is the Hot/Cold Milo. And every now and then Hot/Cold Nescafe Coffee when I feel for it.
But just this week, the pantry has been upgraded! There is also now a section on the pantry countertop for tea. There is commercial Lipton tea, and traditional Green and Jasmine teabags. Plus individual packed sugar and creamer.
I helped myself to a cup of Jasmine Tea and it was glorious! Just like the tea they serve in Chinese restos. Hehe...

So, every once in a while, I can grab some Jasmine or Green hot tea when the other drinks start to taste too familiar. And I've read that drinking Jasmine and Green tea has a lot of health benefits to boast of, too. ;)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Singapore Adventure: The Last Round of My Meaty Spaghetti

Last Friday, I had a really severe case of craving... Craving for spaghetti, that is. And since I still have one more pack of Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce Italian Style and UFC Tamis Anghang Banana Catsup in my Pinoy stuff stash, I decided to finally put an end to this craving. :D

I cooked my spaghetti, and has been having it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even merienda since Friday night. Hehe... There is so much for just one person to consume, eventhough I am such a fan of spaghetti, I couldn't chug down the finished product all in one sitting.

But today, it is the last round for my Meaty Spaghetti. I am having half a serving now for breakfast and the rest, I am packing for today's lunch.
After this last serving, it will be a while again before I can prepare my spaghetti recipe. Hopefully, my Cookie will already be here to share it with me. And just like the last time, spaghetti mortality stats in this flat shall rise again. :))

Monday, October 1, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Hectic End of Month Weekend

After purchasing a DS Lite, I thought I would start locking myself in the room and just play 'til I drop. But no... The weekend that just passed sure was a hectic, and fun one.
Friday, our DBA Eric P. from the ex-job came by Singapore to pay us a visit. We just had a "take-away" dinner at the Rivervale Crest condo, and a lot or catching up. It was nice to have someone from home. Everytime. :)

Saturday was Capt. Jet's birthday dinner at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in East Coast Seafood Center. A hefty serving of local seafood delicacies - Chili Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Cereal Prawn, Crispy Baby Squid. It was a wonderful night spent at the scenic seaside, with delicious food, and great company. The group also went for a little stroll. Passing by the Ski360 place - Singapore's first Cable Ski Resort, and chanced upon some street performers at the hawker center at the far end of East Coast Park.

Sorry for the low-res pictures. Only taken with my phone camera. Lighting was bad.
I woke up the next day almost thinking I slept on my own bed. But really, I was still at the condo, on Hazel's bed. Hehe.. We got home a bit late already, so I opted to stay for the night. Sunday was spent preparing Tinola and Pork Adobo for lunch, and playing multiplayer games with Fred on the DS Lite. Shucks, I sucked at those games. But I did win one game against Fred in Mario Kart and Elite Beat Agents. Need to practice more. :D