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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Serving Tea

The pantry at our office serves free-flowing drinks at no charge through vending machines.
There is a coffee brew machine where the code 711 vends out my favorite Cadbury Choco Creame Hot Chocolate drink. And also different coffee concoctions. Another drink vending machine gives out cold and hot drinks. My favorite on this machine is the Hot/Cold Milo. And every now and then Hot/Cold Nescafe Coffee when I feel for it.
But just this week, the pantry has been upgraded! There is also now a section on the pantry countertop for tea. There is commercial Lipton tea, and traditional Green and Jasmine teabags. Plus individual packed sugar and creamer.
I helped myself to a cup of Jasmine Tea and it was glorious! Just like the tea they serve in Chinese restos. Hehe...

So, every once in a while, I can grab some Jasmine or Green hot tea when the other drinks start to taste too familiar. And I've read that drinking Jasmine and Green tea has a lot of health benefits to boast of, too. ;)

1 Cookie Thoughts:

yen said...

uy sarap naman sa ofis nyo! habang kami chocogem chocolate powder and coffee pa rin! huhuhu.