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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Sunday Cooking Spree

I had the house all to myself this Sunday, and so, I thought of having a little cooking spree.

For lunch, since I had a friend over to keep me company while waiting out for the owner of the flat to come by (who eventually didn't show up), I cooked pork adobo and white rice.
It was a success!!! Hurrah!!!
We enjoyed the food. And so, now I have a witness that my pork adobo is really tasty. Hehe...
There were still some leftover pork adobo. And so, I may still have something to pack for lunch tomorrow. Yum =P~
For dinner, I cooked Sauteed Green Beans with Glass Noodles, or in simple Pinoy terms, Guinisang Monggo with Sotanghon. Hehehe...

This time, I may not have any witness to testify that it is delicious. But I know you'll take my word for it. ;)

It took a while to boil the beans, and the glass noodles need LOTS of water. Inspite of these obstacles, the outcome is still satisfactory. Hee... ^_^

Hmmm... Those are two more recipes crossed out of my Learn To Cook list. My Mama will be proud, and I am happy. :D

2 Cookie Thoughts:

Avid reader of Cookie Adventures said...

Galing! swerte ni Lord sayo.

maganda, mabait, matalino, marunong pa magluto. Lord/LWMS "deal" na!


Princess Cookie said...

naks! didn't know may fans club kami. hehe.. hayaan mo, practice pa ako mabuti. ;)