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Monday, October 22, 2007

Singapore Adventures: Steaming Bowl of Chicken Sopas

I can't think of any other way to end the (borderline disaster) Monday I just had.

I woke up this morning wishing that it is still the weekend. And to my dismay, I'd wait another week for it. And as if Monday is not bad enough, it is a rainy Monday morning at that. Cold bath water. Sheesh... What a way to begin the day, right?

And as if the opening scenes of my Monday morning could get worse, it actually did.

The minute I closed the door of my room, I remembered that I needed the umbrella. So, I opened the door again, went in to get it. Then locked my room's door behind me.

As I was already on my way out the door, I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom. When I pulled my zipper up, it bailed on me. Oh shoot! So, I had to go back into the room and change.

Finally, out the door. Good thing, I did not forget to take out my trash. Saved me some minutes there.

The train ride to work wasn't bad. Could have cheered me up a little had I found a seat. But I can't complain. I found a good spot.

At getting to the office, there were tons of work to do. And it further sucked when what should have been completed and done already had to be revisited and reworked. Arrgh! And so, I worked all full 10 hours. Had my lunch at almost 1:30pm and left the office past 8 pm already. So not me!!!

Good thing, Capt. Jet waited up on me. Or I would have not contained my tears. I am just so tired.

The steaming bowl of my chicken sopas did the trick of brushing my Monday blues away. But I am bracing myself for tomorrow. Just the thought of the work that will welcome me when I get to the office makes me wince.
And did I mention that the thought of Cookie Time being only 6 days away keeps me going ... and going... and going...? Sounds like the Energizer rabbit. Hahaha....
I'm just trying to cheer myself up. Please bear with me.

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