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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Day Two @ Marsiling

Yesterday, the initial plan of going to Ikea for houseware shopping, we ended up just exploring the long road that is Woodlands Square and the adjacent Causeway Point shopping complex.
Inspite of the helpful Street Directory, we still didn't manage to locate the bus interchange where we can take bus 168 to Ikea. Tsk tsk. Why didn't they teach us wilderness skills at school in the Philippines???! Bwahahaha... >:)
Anyways, we did manage to get some essentials just to get us through this first night in our new flat - some basic kitchen stuff, toiletries, and lots of food. Hehehe...
Today, we are re-attempting the Ikea shopping dream. There are still a lot of things to shop for. Pocket says "ouch!". Wish us luck. ^_^

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