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Friday, November 23, 2007

Singapore Adventure: First Lechon Kawali Attempt

Tonight, I will attempt to serve my very first lechon kawali for dinner. I know my Cookie will eat anything and is such a big fan of my cooking, but still the first attempt always drives me nuts!
I got this recipe from an internet cooking blog. And I hope contrary to my sister's advise that not all internet recipes turn out as expected, I will nail this one. :)
I have already completed the first half of the cooking process. Yesterday evening, I already boiled the strips of pork belly in crushed garlic, salt and pepper corn. After letting it cool, I put it in a container and popped them right back into the freezer. It will supposedly make a crunchier skin for the lechon kawali if you do this.
So all that's left for tonight is the (scary) deep-frying part. I hope I see the blisters on my lechon kawali and not on my arm. :P
Wish me luck! I'll post soon on how it turns out.
T.G.i.F. ^_^

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