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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Welcome to Marsiling

At around 1:30 pm today, 3 November, the Cookies have successfully touched down at the Marsiling house.
There are still a lot to unpack, but setting up the internet connection first is a must! Hehehe..
And so, we are wired, literally. The wi-fi router we still need to fetch from the Starhub Center at Funan in 8 days.
Hopefully by tomorrow, all is unpacked and the house more homey.
The kitchen is definitely going to be very busy in the next couple of days. I miss my cooking expeditions. And now with my own kitchen, I can try out new and more exciting recipes. With my Prince Cookie as the guinea pig. Bwahaha... >:)
In the next hour, we need to do a quick trip to Ikea and Giant to get supplies. Whoa! It is definitely a long day.

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