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Friday, January 4, 2008

Philippine Adventure: Day 9 - 18: A Recap

Blogging was put on hold due to some family emergency. Well, viruses don't honor holidays, and they picked this season to invade my brother's immune system. He caught Dengue, and we had to be admitted to the hospital.

Thinking out loud: And so the elements who had a bunch of fun burning my chatbox while I attended to my family can wish payback doesn't come soon enough.

Sorry, I just had to let that out. I am just curious why they obsess over my blog so much that they just have to keep coming back. Fanatics? Hahaha...

Okay, moving on to the pleasant happenings.

28 December 2007, Friday

Cousin Rose and I went to see Judy Ann and Ryan's MMFF flick Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. Since we saw the first movie Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, it's just hard to miss the sequel.

It was a fun movie. The characters and dialogues are the highlight of the movie. Gina PareƱo's role and lines are just hysterically funny. Over all, it's a movie worth watching.

29 December 2007, Saturday

I met up with my Kumares and little inaanaks. We had a wonderful seafood lunch at the Seaside Paluto place near the Mall Of Asia.

I missed having food trips li$ke this with friends. Food has always been our weakness and our common guilty pleasure. Hehehehe...

What did we have for lunch? Hmmm... A kilo of fresh shrimps cooked in butter and garlic. Grilled lumot. That's how they call the big squids. And crispy fried tilapia. Lots of rice. And of course, I can never miss my favorite green mango salad. Yummy!!!

After that big lunch, we set off for a little stroll at the Mall Of Asia. There were still tons of people at the mall. It seems that they haven't run out of shopping money yet! Hehehe...

We had to cut the party short because of some family errands that I and Eileene had. Sayang, we were not able to go by the carnival anymore.

Here are some of the pretty photos we shot at the MOA to cap off the event. The group with now big boys Jan (my inaanak) and Xander (my Cookie's inaanak).

30 December 2007, Sunday

This is the day we have set for the AIU-RP Year-End Reunion Party. And it was surely a blast. The gift grabbing, mahjong clinic, poker game and videoke session got the team to re-bond ang catch up on each other's lives.

And inspite of the time that we have been apart and busy with our own businesses, the friendship just goes on. And we are still a group of photo-maniacs! Hahaha... ;)

31 December 2007, Monday

New Year's Eve was spent at the hospital. Well, it's the first for our family to not spend the last day of the year at home, but it doesn't mean it is less special.

It turned out quite fine, actually. We still had the usual Media Noche. And the residents within the vicinity of the hospital gave a really nice fireworks show, and we had front seats. Hehehe... My sister even recorded some video clips with her N6300.

2 January 2008, Wednesday

It's my sister's birthday. But since my brother is still in the hospital, we just had some pizza, chicken and chips "take away" from Shakey's.

Good thing my brother was already discharged from the hospital and will just continue to recuperate here at home. Hopefully, we can do some family lakwatsa over the weekend.

Only a few more days and I will be back in Singapore to be with my Cookie. I miss him terribly and I am excited to be with him again. But while I am here, I want to spend as much quality time as possible with my Mama and sibs. I am not sure when I can come back for another visit. But hopefully, next time around, they can come to Singapore to visit me. ^_^

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