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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Cooking Frenzy

What can I say... I am bored.. And so this is how I chose to spend my day... Cooking.


This is a regular in the Cookie's dinner menu. And each time, I try to put in something extra into my meatballs with the hopes of improving its taste.

This time, I added a little butter and tomato paste. It did bring something nice to this version of my meatballs.

Hopefully, my Cookie loves it. :)


It's another of my first attempts. And it is a hit, at least for me.
My Cookie has not come home from work yet, but I left him some so he can have a say if we can put this dish in the "regulars".

Thanks to my Mama for the recipe. But I put a little of my own in this recipe, too. I used sesame seed oil to saute the kangkong stalks and leaves. ;)

This blog is shaping up to becoming a cooking blog! Hahaha...

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