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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Saturday Movie Date, etc.

The Cookies went out to run some errands. And afterwards we were off to a whole day of fun out on a date.

First stop was Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road. SGD to PHP exchange rate still has not picked up. It was only at 28.25 PHP to a dollar. After doing that errand at iRemit, we went to the food court at the Lucky Plaza basement to grab some lunch. I missed Chicken Rice and so I had the White Chicken Set. My Cookie had his favorite Mixed Rice combo. Yum! ^_^

After a filling lunch, we had a little stroll along Orchard Road, and found ourselves at the facade of
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. It's about time for a movie date. It's something the Cookies haven't done for a while. Last movie we saw at the theaters was Enchanted.

We spent some 30 minutes at the cinema lobby while waiting for the movie. We shot some photos with my phone camera to pass the time.

Isn't my Cookie just the cutest? Hihihi.. ^_^
While waiting for the movie, we also munched on some snacks - salted popcorn, Coke Light for my Cookie, and Qoo White Grape Juice Drink for me!

I was first introduced to Qoo at the Kopitiam drinks stall at Plaza Singapura. Since then, I have been fond of it. I look for it at the groceries each time but to no avail. And so, seeing that Cathay was having a snack promotion for a Qoo combo, I went for it!

Aside from Qoo, the candy shoppe close by the cinema entrance also had some interesting stuff. I bought a pack of Strawberry flavoured sour candy tape.
The movie for that afternoon was Cloverfield. Hmm... It didn't quite win me over. But my Cookie loved it. The movie just gave me "Blairwitch" déjà vu. But this time, it's an unidentified creature from somewhere that tried to destroy Manhattan. Well, I hate to spoil it for you, so just try to go and see if you share my opinion. :P

Okay, enough of the rants. After the movie, we went for another stroll and made it to Wheelock Place where there is a stall from Crumpler. We shelled out a few hundred dollars for new packs. I got an orange The Westerna Lawn, and my Cookie got a red The King Single. ^_^
After bag shopping, we had dinner at Modesto's. Calamari Fritti for starters. Four Cheese Pizza and Spaghetti Alfredo for the main event. And then we called it a night.
It was a great day! :)

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