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Friday, January 11, 2008

Singapore Adventure: There and Back Again

My happy days on holiday are over. And now, time for a reality check. It's back to work, and back to household chores. But there's an upside to it, too. I am also back in my Cookie's arms. Yihee... ^_^

Yesterday, my plane from Manila touched down at the Changi Airport at 12:05 am. My Cookie fetched me at the airport and we were home past 1:00 am. And at 9:30 am, I checked back in the office. Whew! Are there a lot of new changes at work.

Our team went out to lunch to welcome people back from vacation (ehem!), to welcome a new joiner into the team, and to send off a teammate who is moving out of the team to transfer to a different group. It was our PM's treat - a buffet lunch of Indian cuisine at Masala Art in City Hall district.

This photo is of a Khoya Apple. An Indian dessert with an interesting flavour and texture. It was too sweet for me so I can only down half of it. That's sago pudding in the bowl. And a variety of fruit slices.

It was a fun Day One back at work. But this morning, I woke up feeling sick and just couldn't pull myself out of bed. I just need to take the day off to re-energize. Hopefully, when I come back to work on Monday, I am back to tiptop shape.

1 Cookie Thoughts:

jio said...

Welcome back! Funny thing too that my upon arrival last Sunday here in SG, the next day, I felt sick and slightly feverish. Hehe. Work blues and ills I guess.