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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Malaysia Adventure: Day One - Finding Our Way

10 Jan 09, Saturday
0100 HRS

The Cookies landed at the LCCT of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Air Asia flight AK128 was 2 hours delayed due to the small fire at the LCCT in the morning. The waiting was actually longer than the actual flight time which only took 45 minutes from Singapore to the Malaysian capital.

At the terminal, our Airport to Hotel transfer is already waiting. From LCCT, it took another hour drive to The Legend Hotel located at Jalan Putra.

1108. That was our room number. We ordered from room service as we were famished from the long wait at the airport in Singapore. Grilled Chicken Salad and Fish and Chips FTW! Perfect ending to a very long Friday.

1000 HRS

The Cookies are self-confessed sleepyheads. Naturally, Saturday started pretty late. A buffet breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant, that we almost missed, which was followed by a quick visit to the hotel facilities - the Fitness Center and the Pool. The pool area had a fantastic view of the KLCC and the KL Tower.

1400 HRS

It's time to look around the neighbourhood. The location of our hotel was pretty convenient - a shopping mall just right outside. We went it and got on with the shopping. Only small items, of course. Shopping we can also get at Singapore. :P

Then a late lunch at the Secret Recipe. Yes, there is Secret Recipe in KL, also, Auntie Anne's, Starbucks, Giordano, McDonald's. It didn't feel like we were out of SG at all! :D

1600 HRS

It was a quite humid day and so, we opted to just book a KL City Tour for the next day at the Hotel Concierge instead of attempting to go on our own. So we were back at our room and decided on a photo shoot.

The room was quite homey, comfortable, well furnished but still spacious. The windows were broad but didn't have an extraordinary view. The KLCC and KL Tower were exactly 90 degrees from where our room was facing. Tough luck!

1800 HRS

Time to get moving. A little exploring the elaborate KL train system. We were off to meet our friend Mun. She is a former colleague at my last job in the Philippines. In my first year at Singapore, she came down to meet us. And now it's our turn to pay her a visit!

She gave us directions how to get to the Raja Chulan monorail station where the new Pavillion Mall is located. We were meeting her for dinner and some catch up. ^_^ To get there, we had to make two train rides. It was quite an adventure! But I must admit, KL's train system is definitely more complex than SG's Purple, Red, and Green lines!

On our way to the next train platform, we had to cross this bridge. The highway looked something like we have in Manila - EDSA to be exact. We large billboards and busy traffic. Also, there's an interesting building which looked similar to Australia's Opera House. Later we learned that it was actually KL's National Theater. Cool, huh?

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