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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LO Project: Paper Pieced Hot Air Balloon

I learned a new paper crafting technique, and I've been addicted to it the past few weeks.  It's paper piecing!

Basically, this technique involves cutting pieces out from a design and layering them onto paper.  Paper pieced designs can be used on cards and scrapbooking projects to add more dimensions into them.

Well, I have done a few pieces from patterns I have downloaded for free on the internet and used them to embellish cards and envelopes.  Here they are. :)

Baby Boy Booties

Baby Girl Onesie

But this latest one I did I am really proud of. I think I outdid myself.  Really. :)

I looked up printable coloring pages on Google, then picked out a simple image of a hot air balloon.  And made a paper piecing pattern out of it. Cool, right?

Here's the original coloring page (Sorry I forgot to note of the web link I downloaded the page from).  And beside it is my paper pieced version.

Yes, those are actually strings! :)

I have yet to decide where to use it on.  But most likely, I'll put in on a card.  Maybe a "Bon Voyage" themed one.  What do you think?

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