Monday, March 28, 2011

Singapore Adventure: A Cookie Year Recap

The year that passed is indeed an eventful one for me.  Here's a recap.

(April) I brought my family to Singapore for a visit.

We went home to Manila to attend my brother's college graduation.  It was just a few days.  Then they joined us on our return to Singapore and spent a whole month with us!

It is a second time for my Mama and sister, but the first for my brother.  We showed them around Singapore, visiting popular tourist attractions.  The latest one to date is the Universal Studios.

It was really a memorable experience for everybody.  I can't believe it's been a year.  Hopefully this year, we get to do another family outing.  Outside Singapore this time perhaps? ;) 

The months in been are not as eventful.  Most of which were spent flying back and forth between Singapore and Manila working on wedding details.

(August) I was jobless.

Well, it was a great run.  The money was good, that's really all to it.  Hahaha... 

(September) I married the love of my life. 

56 months of being boyfriend/girlfriend. 20 months of preparation.  1 day to remember for the rest of our lives. :)

It happened all too fast.  From the dressing up, to the marriage ceremony, to the dinner banquet.   We just breezed through it.  We didn't even touch our food and feel that we did not attend to all of our guests as much as we hoped.  But we definitely had the time of our lives! :)

Note to self - get the wedding photo selections cracking!  It's been 6 months!!!

(October) I traveled to Thailand with Hubby Cookie.

Hubby Cookie had to go on a business trip for a few days.  But of course, no Cookie gets left behind! Hehehe...

A few days into his business trip, I followed him to Thailand.  It's our first overseas trip after the wedding.  I was only there for a night, but we did enjoyed the city tour.  We hope to visit again, probably for a much longer duration.

(November) I am officially on Wifey Cookie mode.

After three years of staying in Woodlands, we headed further West. :)  We relocated to Lakeside this month.  And I got down to the business of packing and unpacking the clutter we have accumulated over those three years.  Well, the unpacking isn't over... In true Singlish,  "How can??"  We still have to furnish the place up! Hahaha...  So in the meantime, Room number two houses the boxes.

(December) I visited Bohol for a third time.

Yey me!  Bohol is one of my favorite places in the Philippines and I've been there twice in the past.  First time with my Kumares, and the second time with my Mama and sister.  And as the cliche goes, third times a charm!  Hihihi...

Hubby Cookie was with me on this trip, which is a wish come true for me. I've always told him I wanted to take him to see Bohol.  And we did it finally! :)  His Mama and sister joined us on this trip.

(January) I stabbed myself with a scissor accidentally.

I started working on my crafting again.  And I had an unfortunate accident.  It healed fully in a month, but the scar it left on my right leg is just so unsightly.  Sadness.

(February) I got in a jacuzzi with Hubby Cookie.

It's the Cookies' first Valentine's as a married couple.  We spent in at the Siloso Beach Club.  Well, avid readers of Cookie Adventures should have the full details. But if you just happened to drop by, here's the blog entry. ;)

Whew!  What a great year!

Of course, as in the start of every year, I hope to be blessed with good health, favourable fortune, and burning love for this year and the many, many, MANY more years ahead. :)

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yen said...

First time I heard of the scissors accicent. Di ba kaya ng sebo de macho ung scar?! Hehehe. Beauty ka pa rin naman eh. :D