Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Relieved

I got my medical exam results from the clinic today.  And after a week of agonising anticipation of what they might have found in my blood test, I am finally relieved.  It seems that my blood sample did react with the test kit the lab is using and had to be sent to the Singapore General Hospital for a confirmatory test. 

Our friend nurse at the clinic reminded me that I did have this same case the last time I did a blood test, but I just couldn't recall when it was. I remember I did a few CBC tests to check on my cholesterol levels, and as far as I remember I have not done any HIV testing before this one.  But since the clinic should have all my medical records and accounts of all the laboratory tests I have done here, then I am in no position to contest her statement. :)

I am clean, as I am very sure I am. :P  And I can finally proceed with finalising my immigration pass.

All is good and tonight I shall sleep like a baby. :)

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