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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Singapore Adventure: A Dining Voucher at Spizza

Remember this entry I posted a while back - Singapore Adventure: Boo, Spizza! ?

Well, it finally got attention from the management of the establishment.  A week ago, a marketing executive from Senso Ristorante sent me an email enquiring about the incident and offering apology for the stress it has caused me.  Better late than never, right?

I admire them for making the effort to respond to my sentiment even if it had happened a while back. I actually didn't expect any more attention.

So, I gave the details of my complaint and why I posted the incident on my blog.  I reiterated that it wasn't my intention to smear the good reputation of their restaurant, but as a consumer I am entitled to quality food as well as value for my money and patronage.  And being in IT for so long, I am always game to play the part of a complaining user when the situation presents itself!

They've offered an apology, and assured that they will investigate.  Good enough for me.  But then, they really want to express how sorry they were and sent me a $20 Dining Voucher at Spizza in the mail.  Thank you.

But we don't really dine at the restaurant, we'd usually just call in for a delivery.  Do you want to know why?  Because I have also heard bad reviews about the service at the restaurant when dining in.  We might think about seeing it for ourselves, but I still need convincing if $20 is enough to go through all that trouble.  We'll see...

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