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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Singapore Adventure: First Night

June 5, 2007
Rivervale Walk

We have finally moved into the new flat. Place is starting to become more cozy. The ambience (as well as the odour) of the place is improving as the days go along. Hopefully, in the next couple of days, the odour will finally go away. Hehehe...

Monday, 4 June, the delivery from Ikea already arrived. And so, the sofa and all the rest of the stuff we bought just laid there in the living room until last night, when my "bodyguards" joined forces to put the things together.

My cute little sofa needed its legs to be screwed on. Thanks to Eric and Doyle, my sofa is now ready to be sat on. Hehehe... See the finished product. It sits right next to my bed just in case I get tired of lying around. :P

NOTE: The Ikea home delivery service costs 40 SGD. If you want some person to assemble the things you bought from them for you, it costs at extra 15 SGD.

It took them a while to put the sofa together, but all efforts paid off at the sight of our lovely sofa. Hehehe... Here is Eric practicing his PS3 Gaming Position. :)

Strike a crazy pose for the camera, guys! The perfect blackmail material. Bwahahaha... >:)

Now, here's my bedroom. Very spacious. A nice queen size bed right in the center. The sheets and quilt, I got from Tang's and Aussino. Pretty, huh? :) I panic-shopped for sheets and so I have a couple more printed fitted sheets from Aussino in my closet aside from these. I plan to send some back home for my Mama.

I promise to post more pictures so you'll get a glimpse of how our flat is shaping up. Ideas and suggestions are welcome. ;)