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Monday, October 17, 2011

LO Project: My First Copic Markers

Last Saturday during our usual weekend mall stroll, generous Hubby Cookie has offered to buy me Copic markers. He knows how long I have been wanting to have a few pieces so I can start learning how to use them.

So lucky me, I went to pick a few ones because they were not cheap.  It is 5.98 SGD a piece. So in the meantime I only got the colours I usually see on cardmaking blogs used for coloring skin tone.  After all, that's where I am having trouble when colouring.  I can't get the skin color right. *toink*  So hopefully, I'll have more success using Copic. *crossing fingers*

Here are the ones I picked.

From online tutorials, I have learned that the E one are the ones usually used for skin tone colouring.  While the R ones are used for adding in a tinge of blush on the faces of images.

So far, I have played around with them, but I can't get the blush to blend in nicely yet, as well as adding in a "shadow" effect.

The skin is coloured with Copic.  For the rest of the image, I used my humble Pilot markers.  I am quite happy with how my first attempt came out.  But I definitely need LOTS of practice.  :)

For Copic marker users out there, any tips you can share for newbies like me? :)

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