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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Online Shopping Spree

I have been under the weather since Thursday last week.  I blame it on the crazy weather here in Singapore as well as the thick haze that's been looming over the city state for quite a while now.

When I fall sick, my EQ dips.  So I being sick and having a laptop within reach spells expensive.  Ah, the beauty of online shopping! :)  Retail therapy without borders. Hahaha...

So, here are the latest additions to my stack...

New stamps! :)

New punches! :)

I've been drooling over that Monarch Butterfly punch for quite a while now.  So I took advantage of the 25% off deal on punches last weekend.

And this...  a scoring board.  Well, I didn't have one all along, I just make use of my Fiskar cutter/scorer.  But I really feel that a scoring board is a must for crafters.  So now I do have it! :)

Okay, now we shall let the credit card nurse  its wounds.  While I do some carding. :)

P.S. I have such an "enabler" of a Hubby! Am I a lucky Wifey or not? :))

1 Cookie Thoughts:

Ri said...

Heehee, go Lord the enabler! :D Nice nice stuff, can't wait to see the new cards and LOs you're going to make from these :)