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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Leaving the Comfort Zone

A few days ago as I was browsing through online job advertisements, I came across one job post and it hit me that I know somebody who fits the bill spot on.  So I forwarded it on hoping that it would spark the same interest in her as it did me for her.

After receiving my message, she immediately expressed anxiety over it but she did say it was an interesting opportunity.  I told her to look it over, fill out the application form and just let it "brew".

Yesterday, I received another response, and by my disappointment, she has decided not to submit the application anymore.  She has her reasons and I deem them valid.  I understand where she was coming from.  Personally, I had the same doubts when I was initially discerning applying for a job outside the Philippines.  Leaving home for the first time, living on your own away from family and friends, starting over career-wise, stepping out of your comfort zone, it's like overhauling your life and that's scary.

When I decided to take a job here in Singapore 4 years ago, I was contented with the life I have.  I had a job that pays enough.  Great friends who keep me grounded.  A loving family living within our means enjoy some comforts.  The love of my life who doubles all the joys I had going on.  It was all working out for me.  Anybody in their right mind would not risk it.  But at the back of my mind, there's always that memory of my Papa, telling me there's all but good in wanting to explore whatever else is out there.  So I did it.  It's a sacrifice I was willing to make because I owe it to myself to make it happen.  And I want to show my Papa who's watching over me from heaven that I did it because I know he wanted me to do it.

The 3 years plus I have been here in Singapore was a great learning experience.  I've learned to be independent.  I've learned to be self-reliant.  I've matured in ways I am sure I could never have had I stayed home.  And that's what I wanted for my cousin when I sent her that job opportunity.  It is what I want for my siblings.  I won't be a hypocrite and say it's just about being independent, of course the money is good, and money is a great motivator.  But for me, at the time, it was not just all about the money. 

05 May 2011 marks my 4th anniversary living here in Singapore.  The tables have turned.  I am jobless.  I am far away from home.  Nothing in Singapore excites me anymore.  I am thinking maybe it's time to move on.  Or probably come back home.  But then again, this is my life now and I have built it here with my Hubby Cookie.  This is now my comfort zone and I feel afraid to step out of it.

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